July 18, 2009


Step 1. Find your gear... if you have been smart you will have left it next to the group of hotties you spotted on the way in. It's important you never miss the chance to strut your stuff.

Step 2. Undo the zip and the back. Strip down to the waist. Make sure you stop just above the pubes. You can go lower if you wish but this is the opitmum "mystery" versus "giving it away for free level" of exposure. Stop here for trips to the fish and chip shop or car.

Step 3. Make sure you have a towel handy. Don't wrap it all the way around especially if you have a totally bitchin ass. Pull your wetsuit down half way this will make the next step easier.

Step 4. Strip off the wetsuit one leg at a time. This is done for the same reason as when you put it on, to make sure you don't fall over. Sure being naked on the beach is sexy but nobody wants to see your sandy date.

Step 5. It's always handy at this point to make sure that all your bits get a good toweling down. The drive home is always more comfortable when your not damp downstairs and it helps avoid shrinkage and jock itch. It's also a good idea at this point to check for photographers hidden in trees.

Step 6. Wrap the towel around for privacy but remember to make sure its windy enough to attract attention.

Step 7. Quickly whip on your jocks and pull them up.

Step 8. After covering the important bits whip the towel off just in time to show off your butt again.

Step 9. Adjust for maximum comfort and package position.

Step 10. Flex your abs and ensure that you are standing facing into the sun for the best possible lighting.

Step 11. Do a slow catwalk spin to ensure maximum exposure for onlookers from all possible angles.

We both hope that you've found this Community Service Announcement useful.  

Photos and words republished by permission from Shannons Blogspot

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  1. He's a pudgy little narcissist isn't he? Not a guy on the beach I would give a second look at really. He's pretty happy with himself clearly. I hope they will be happy together even after that ass finishes ballooning into its inevitable, eventual size and doughy consistency. LOLOLOL!!!