July 16, 2009


A Community Service Announcement from my awesome new mate Shannon

For the purpose of aiding my fellow beach goers and with the upcoming summer season in the northern hemisphere in mind I have decided to educate you on the fine art of putting on a wetsuit. It has often been commented that Aussie boys are masters in the art of changing in public places and what better time than now to pass on that knowledge and experience to my friends north of the equator. 

Step 1. Always check the surrounding area first. You never know when there might be a photographer around. It's also important to look for hotties, police, elderly couples with potential heart conditions or men wearing trench coats with their hands in their pockets.

Step 2. Remove Clothing. This is an important step as you will not be able to wear your wet suit over track pants, jeans or board shorts.

Step 3. Always check your suit before putting it on. Look for any damage to the suit, sand that may cause potential chaffing, funnel web spiders or your local equivalent.

Step 4. Put your suit on one leg at a time. It is important not to pull it all the way up at this point. Pulling the leg all the way up before putting the other leg in will make it hard to balance and nobody wants to go ass over tit whilst looking so damn cool.

Step 4.  Pull the suit up stopping just under your bum. Check around to make sure somebody is looking.

Step 5. Finish pulling the suit up to your waist stopping to adjust for maximum comfort and to achieve the best silhouette for showing off your goods.

Step 6. Complete the process by putting in one arm at a time and adjust for comfort before doing up the zipper at the back.

Step 7.  Enjoy the surf!

Republished by permission from Shannons Blogspot.....stay tuned for PART 2 

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