June 9, 2009


A film by Andrew Haigh starring Peter Pittaros and Lewis Wallis.

Shot over a year within the male escort community of London, the film blurs the line between documentary and fiction to create a portrait of a rarely seen sub-culture. 

“This fictional, often graphic film draws on the actual life experiences of its cast, men who work within and around the world of London-based gay escorts, or "rentboys." A focal point emerges in charismatic Pete, an ambitious young man who wants to be known as the best in his chosen field -- to the point of seeking a nomination in the 'World Escort Awards' in Los Angeles.
Defying expectations, Greek Pete neither glamorizes these escorts nor paints them as tragic figures, but rather uses impeccable cinematography and naturalistic performances to artistically capture the details of their daily lives and routines. While Pete's profession certainly encompasses more risk than that of most people, the film also shows us the little moments of awkwardness, the romantic obstacles, and the hustle (the internet advertisements, the photo shoots, the networking) that goes into his work. Pete lives in a time and place when money, image, and ambition matter -- and while operating in a subculture that many might consider shocking and/or immoral, he cultivates all three of those currencies as aggressively and professionally as any corporate CEO.
Director Andrew Haigh has delivered a moving art film infused with a subtle undercurrent of dreamlike sadness -- an art film that just happens to be set in the world of gay rentboys, and one that holds its own with the best independent features out of the UK this decade”  
Taken from Maryland Film Festival Guide

trailer for this year's most controversial documentary 'greek pete'

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