May 31, 2009


photographed by ignacio lozano for guapo magazine
model| miguel huber

No doubt by now you've seen my buddy Ignacio's work somewhere, or rather i should say EVERYWHERE these days - Charmants, East Village Boys, Spank Zine, Blew, and on Johnny Murdoc's blog to name a few. He's been hittin' it outta the park with the work he's doing for his new magazine Guapo, which if you haven't checked out yet, i'd sure as hell do.  In particular, the Dude's Comic Strip story Ignacio collaborated on recently with fellow friend + illustrator David Buisán is exceptional - completely original - simultaneously sexy and funny - typical of both their styles and perfectly mashed...I just loved it!

Ignacio's latest installment for Guapo today, "Ice Cream Time" is part 2 of the Entre Mis Recuerdos series...have a big lick and enjoy it!

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