April 10, 2009


Donatien is definitely on the bunny trail again!
 He's shot & posted some amazing photos on both

He spotted this bunny around 23rd street, NYC.......

.......and shot these of hot couple artist bunnies Brian Kenny +
Slava Mogutin in their studio while he was here for
his Mr. Nude Punk America show opening at
Envoy Gallery [show runs thru 4.19.09] .......

.......and coming soon on homopunk.com
the sleazy easter bunnies specials!!!

Being it's Easter, I've got a couple others to add
[send your faves to us at news@beachcruisermag.com]

i've had this in my iPhoto collection
not sure who or where from

and then there's Otto...

Happy Easter Everybody - we'll have lots of iCandy to give out here on Sunday when the Homo Easter Bunny arrives...stay tuned!

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