March 2, 2009


Brit-boy photographer Stuart Sandford is up to it again - he's started working on a 2nd series of his popular, internationally shown CUMFACES project photos, publishing this coming summer. Up for it? He's now looking for contributors - just snap a photo of yourself on the brink of an orgasm, or even better, have someone give you a helping hand ;). Details and requirements are on his blog.

Stuart's also now selling his CUMFACES series in a limited edition of 50 8x10 prints. Pick up just one or the whole series of 12 signed and numbered prints

DON'T MISS: Stuart's photos of cutie Luc in the latest hot edition of Spank Zine's Special Sex Issue,now available for PDF

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I followed to this from Muzophile's blog, and I had never heard of you before and what you do, and MAN, this has to be one of the best forms of gay erotic art. The ONLY thing that could make those collages better is a good painter or sketch artist to make it more organic, it looks so digital. But STILL it has an AWESOME purpose, a very VERY simple expression that doesn't leave much room for interpretation... (they're cumming, i mean, what else can ya say, except maybe 'hot' or 'sexy'?) ... KEEP THIS UP, I EFFING LOVE IT!!

    Your new fan from MySpace-land...