March 16, 2009


Connie Girl, Perfidia, Chicklet, Princess Diandra, Glamamour, Miss Guy, Shannon, Codie Ravioli, International Chrysis, Afro-dite, Peau de Sois, Mona Foot, Nikki Nicole, Flotilla De Barge, Raven Oh, Lypsinka, Lady Bunny, Varla Jean Merman...Shall I go on ?

What, you say, do they all have in common?

Chances are, if you were gay and fabulous and were in New York in the 80's, you spent many a Thursday night and your weekends hanging out & partying at 15 1/2 St. Marks Place, the home of Boy Bar. Masterminded and hosted by The Boy Bar Beauties' Matthew Kasten, this East Village institution, along with Pyramid, was the breeding ground for the late 80's drag explosion that was Wigstock. Their shows are legendary, as were their flyers and ads designed by Mark Neston and Little Johnny Marie, the Pride Parade floats, and of course, the Boy Bar matchbooks and logo.

Just recently, Vicki Harwyn and Kasten have created a group on Facebook that celebrates all the great memories and good times at Boy Bar with tons of photos, videos, discussion, and comments...many from these legends themselves. Better yet, it's a place to maybe "rekindle some old friendships and find friends that have been missed", as Vicki so well puts it. I know I've found a few.

Plans are now in the works for a Boy Bar Reunion, sometime in June [pride month], and yes, there will be a show!!! So, find your Boy Bar friends, spread the word, and get ready for this amazing's gonna be BIG!

"Darlings, the new children must learn!" says be sure to drag them along too!

Stay tuned for more information in the next few weeks...

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